Tuesday, December 8, 2009

To a Ct. Wedding Florist: Melissa's Recommendation letter..

Melissa wrote:

We based our choice on recommendations, as well -- Saybrook Pt. Inn's, and our wedding planner highly recommended you. You also "got" our vision and how important the flowers were to me, personally, which made the entire process really enjoyable. I also appreciated how you were able to "tease out" what I really wanted, versus what I thought I wanted...(like... Read More my original bouquet idea...!), and you were great about showing me pictures and examples/samples, and explaining your recommendations. That also made the process a lot easier for me, since I hadn't planned a wedding before, and didn't exactly have a book of tear sheets...as you know! Please let us know if you'd like more, and we would also be happy to act as references/provide a recommendation.

Ct.Wedding Florists: Recommendation letter from the "Heart"

Dear Debra,

Where do I begin? I wanted to call you a thousand times and every time I picked up the phone I started to cry. So, that is why I decided to write you this note.

Thanks you so much for making my daughter's wedding the most incredible night of my life. You were the only "vendor" that I knew I had nothing to worry about. I knew you would give me everything I asked for...but you went above and beyond and exceeded my highest expectations. Every single thing that you did, the huppah, the centerpieces, the cake, the candelabra were like works of art. You absolutely took my breath away with each piece. You are truly an artist.

I love a favorite quote by Helen Keller, "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched......they must be felt with the heart."
Well I saw your flowers and I touched them and the images of them will be in my heart every minute of every day for the rest of my life. Thank you for giving me a lifetime of memories. I am forever grateful.

I would recommend you to any and all brides wholeheartedly.....

Sincerely and with lots of love,
(Mother of Bride)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florists:Water's Edge Brides "Thanks"

Thank you for the beautiful flowers. You really captured the moment and brought our dream wedding to life. We couldn't have done it without your help!
Always, Sue and Chris
Reception: Water's Edge, Westbrook, Ct.

Ct.Wedding Florists: Another wonderful Recommendation Letter!!!

As the mother of the bride,

I want to say how wonderful it was working with Debra. The entire process was easy and totally enjoyable. Debra listened so carefully, had so many good ideas that enhanced the vision that our daughter had for her wedding, had many photographs and examples to show us, never made us feel rushed or as if we couldn't make changes, never insisted on her own ideas but helped our daughter to realize her own.

Debra has a wealth of experience over many years, was completely reassuring that everything would be done exactly as we wanted and as it should be. And indeed it was!!! The bouquets were just beautiful, the table decorations perfect, the archway was gorgeous, and all the rest. Everything was classically simple and beautiful.

All the flowers lasted beautifully throughout a warm afternoon and the evening, and on into the next days as well. Everything to be worn was delivered and preserved perfectly, and labeled clearly. The set-up at the yacht club was perfect. And her prices were very reasonable. Debra was a pleasure to work with and the flowers were gorgeous. There was not a single thing we could have wished to have been done differently.

We're so appreciative of all she did, in her own so very warm and easy and reassuringly peaceful way, and we couldn't recommend her more highly.

Ellen (mother of the bride)

Friday, December 4, 2009

To a Ct. Wedding Florist: Water's Edge "Thank you".....

Dear Debra,
I do not stand along on the following comments...I am truly writing on behalf of each and ever guest that attended the 50th Anniversary party for my in-laws at "Water's Edge Inn" not to mention the odd hotel employee or hotel guest just "peeking" into the room for a "look and see."

HOW CAN WE EVER THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THE VISUAL FEAST YOU BESTOWED UPON US? You outdid yourselves. The room came alive with elegance and sophistication..to perfection!

Ours was no easy task, communicating 3,000 miles across the Atlantic, hoping to get "the look" just right. I was skeptical that any part of this party would be pulled off, let along to the high degree of standard that I had set for my goals. I knew, if anything, that all of our 100 guests would be treated to sights and smells that would ruin the senses for anything else, forever. Everyone is still talking about "THE FLOWERS" from West Hartford,Ct. to Beverly Hills, California, to Jerusalem, Israel!!

Thank you for heling to make this day so special for all of us. You were a pleasure to work with and I applaud you for interpreting my hodgepodge desires into objects of beauty. Everything exceeded my wildest expectations.
I am gratefully yours,
London, England

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ct. Wedding Florists:Beachy Chic

Inspiration boards have become the rage... over the last 20 years I have built libraries of photos to inspire brides imagination.....Wouldn't that be considered an "INSPIRATION LIBRARY?"
Finding new and exciting ways to create magic within this theme, "Beachy Chic" is great fun.....I love the challenge!!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florist: Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station Tasting, Nov.2009

My inspiration starts with trends for the year 2010.....then playing with new and modern ideas...Aqua, in all tones, is being showcased everywhere.....why not have fun with aqua beach glass...and check out the beach glass pomiander balls lit.....everyone "loved" these...My intention was to offer each guest an element of "surprise."

This tablescape started with the idea of ruffles....very important trend.....
If you look carefully you will see layered white and citrus green ruffles layed around the edge of this beautiful centerpiece. Loved the citrus green napkins wrapped with organza ruffles and a beautiful green cymbidium orchid at each place setting. Green "Yoko Ono" button pom pomiander balls with pearls offered an element of surprise......
We always have a great time at www.theriverhouse.com A perfectly beautiful wedding venue. Thank you Riverhouse!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ct. Wedding Florist:Kim's recommendation letter to all brides

Dear Bride to be,

Congratulations on your engagement and happy Wedding planning!!

I am so pleased to have the opportunity to recommend Bakes and Baldwin for your beautiful wedding flowers. I have been extremely blessed to know Debra and Nick for quite some time, both professionally and as a client.

For several years I worked as a Catering Sales Manager/Wedding Coordinator on the Connecticut shoreline.
During that time I got to see Bakes and Baldwin’s gorgeous creations and work with them directly on a regular basis. Their professionalism in working with different venues and the care they give to each and every bride was unparalleled.

They will work closely with you and your ceremony and reception venues to be sure that every last flower is perfectly in place on time. I always took great pleasure in giving brides a sneak peak into their ballroom before guests were allowed to enter. The shear joy and excitement in their eyes when the would see the incredible designs in place was always a rush. Each time I worked with Bakes and Baldwin I found myself telling Debra, “Remember this one when it’s my turn, I want something just like this!”

Eventually it was my turn and I never had to think twice about who I wanted to design the florals for my perfect day. Working with Bakes and Baldwin as a bride was a dream. Debra took the time to meet with my mother and me on more than one occasion to discuss our theme and vision. She asked what my favorite colors and flowers are and what the bridesmaids would be wearing. I was planning a wine dinner. I wanted to incorporate wine bottles and grapes into my centerpieces. Debra worked with each one of my ideas, offered knowledgeable suggestions together and developed a plan.

When Nick delivered the bouquets to my parents house on the morning of the wedding, they brought tears to my eyes. As I walked down the aisle, I could not help but note the stunning arrangements that sat on tall pillars to mark our “Altar.” They included every detail that we discussed. All my favorite flowers. The perfect splashes of color and even the grapes to tie everything back to our wine theme were there. After the ceremony, while my new husband and I greeted our guests, Debra and Nick went to work transforming the ballroom at the Great River Golf Club from the ceremony site to the reception. Before I knew it, it was my turn to get a sneak peak into the ballroom and it truly took my breath away. The room had come to life in a way that I never could have imagined and was more than I had hoped for. Every detail was in place; my guests were completely “WOWED.”

Even now, when friends see my wedding photos, they always comment on how gorgeous the flowers were.
I cannot express enough appreciation to Debra and Nick for exceeding my vision and making it a reality. I know you will feel the same as I did on your special day.

Best wishes for a beautiful wedding day and to a very happy marriage.

Sincerely Yours,

Kimberly Wadell

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ct. Wedding Florists: Melissa's wonderful blue and white wedding bouquet.

Melissa's Wedding was so wonderful....I loved this color combination. Melissa wrote a thank you and gave me the link to her photos.....Enjoy~!!

Hi Debra,

I hope things are well.

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you did at Jim and my wedding on September 25th at St. Clements.
Everything was perfect.
I got so many complements on the centerpieces, and especially the bridal and bridesmaids bouquets. I wanted to share my photographer's blog with you, so you could see some pictures of the flowers.
When I get the pictures back (probably in another few weeks), I'll be sure to send you some shots of the bouquets, etc.


Hope to work with you again sometime in the future.

Best Regards,


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florist:"Colleen" Wedding flowers at Saybrook Pt. Inn,Ct.

Colleen love whimsical and natural garden like.....It was great fun to play with seed eucalyptus berry and other garden elements to create this sensation of color and texture.......I wish I could have captured Colleen's face and excitement as she viewed her bouquet for the first time.......
The ceremony at Saybrook Pt. Inn www.saybrook.com looked festive.
One half of the ballroom was designated for the nuptial offering a perfect oceanic view...
The decorated columns bring a joy and festiveness to the ceremony site......
I look forward to more great shots.....
Colleen was just beautiful.......

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florist: How the "Toss Away" bouquet began

It is believed that, dating as far back as the 14th century, the desire to take home a piece of the bride’s luck in finding herself a groom prompted wedding guests in Western Europe to try to tear off bits of her dress.

Groups of people would chase after the lucky woman in the hope of a scrap of cloth or ribbon. Such a keepsake would bring good luck in love.

Brides, naturally, were opposed to the idea of being chased and having their wedding garments destroyed. As such, the idea of throwing the bouquet emerged – by distracting the crowd, the bride would have time to get away unscathed.

Ever since, the idea of the bridal bouquet toss is wrapped around the concept of good fortune. Whichever unmarried woman catches the bridal bouquet, so the story goes, will be the next to marry.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ct. Wedding Florist:Katherine's Wedding bouquets...."Beautiful"

Check out these great "Fall colors."



Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ct. Wedding Florist:"Fantastic" Melissa's Wedding flowers........

Dear Debra,
The flowers for Melissa's wedding were "Fantastic."
We had so many nice comments about the flowers
at the church, the girls flowers and the centerpieces at the table.
The seashells were a perfect touch
and we have collected a number of them from the two centerpieces we kept for ourselves.
Your flowers were a perfect compliment to a glorious day.
Thanks so much for all your good work.
Please feel free to use us as a reference if you want..
Thanks again,
Lyn and George

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ct. Wedding Florist:Tent in "Fashion"

A modern tent for a modern Bride.......
I would have loved sitting at this table.....
Sheila's bouquet was modern using posi callas and orchids....
We chose to soften the centerpieces on her long and lush table.........
The ceremony was out in the dock ather home in Essex......
Stamford Tent Co. www.stamfordtent.com did a wonderful job
creating an intimacy outside by dropping the sides of fabric.........
....It was just beautiful.....
Sheila and Daniel had a joyful and unique wedding.....
Joyful was the key word......
To Sheila and Daniel,
Joyfully walk together......in harmony and love.....
Yes, it was a joy.......

Monday, September 28, 2009

Ct. Wedding Florist:"Pine Orchard Country Club" and "Chapel"

Roseann loved big and bold, elegant and richly dramatic......
The colors saturation were just a thrill for me......
like a fascinating and intriguing abstract painting....
I was in my element.....
Roseann's love for crystals showcased themselves in her bouquet....
Yes, "bling is in"

I did not get a chance to capture the bride in a photo......

her sister, Matron of Honor,
was so gracious to allow me to take a photo........

The "Pine Orchard Chapel" in Branford is an empty canvas........
we have and can create "magic"unique to each bride's vision.......
Great fun!!!
25 drops of crystals hung at random heights
from high ceiling beams throughout the chapel..
We framed in the back altar wall with green's garland and flowers.......

The Pine Orchard Country Club danced with elegance.....
We hung crystals in the windows...
It was beautiful.......
It is very hard to capture the color and glitter throughout, from my camera.
You can see it a little in this photo.....
The 4 columns were draped with lights and white draperies .......
It is always nice to have a
factor for each wedding........

Roseann has a wonderful family and friends..........
I was thrilled to be a part of her wonderful day.
Roseann and David,
we wish you joy throughout your lives.........
Thank you.......

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florist: What a show!!! Gerbera Daisies at their best.

I just received a great letter from Kellie........it says it all.......

Hey Debra!!
I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful flowers!!
Everyone LOVES LOVES LOVES my bouquet in the pictures.
It looks SO AMAZING!!
And I absolutely LOVE how the centerpieces came out!!
And the sweetheart table looked amazing.
I really had no idea what to expect for our table, and you went above and beyond
, I LOVED it
. All the candlelight was so romantic and beautiful.
Let me know if you want any pictures, or you can call Joe.
Thank you!!!!!
Thanks so much.......Kellie it was a great pleasure.
Oh, how I love my Brides........

Ct. Wedding Florist:Gerbera Daisies and dalias......Kate's favorite.!!

Kate loved dalias and gerbera daisies........Who wouldn't?
They are bright and fun.
The ceremony took place at St. Paul's in Waterford........Very grand indeed!!
We wrapped square vases with coordinating navy and hot pink
ribbons and placed a monogram on each side.......
Yes, monograms are in!!
Gerbera daisies really create fun.....nice contrast on ivory tablecloths.......
"Thanks".... Kate.........It was a true pleasure........

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ct. Wedding Florist:Shari's Wedding bouquets

Shari's favorite flower....lavender roses....
As always, I am early delivering bouquets and Shari was so nice to allow me
to take a shot.
We had a great time concepting her color combinations
to make sure we had a perfect match.
Thank you Shari.....
I with you and Justin happiness
as you walk together into your future together.

Ct. Wedding Florist and Wedding Flowers, Wharf at Madison Beach Hotel, Ct.

Michele and Matt chose The Wharf at Madison Beach Hotel
for its simple, natural and most of all intimate setting.
They chose to marry at 9:00 am...
yes, we were setting up their ceremonial arch at 6:30 in the morning...
The sun just coming up and the ocean so quiet and meditative.....
How many can say they were up at dawn to set up a ceremonial arch on the beach....
I am so lucky!!
A bamboo arch worked perfectly with simple clusters of flowers....
Key words, simple and natural.....
After their ceremony they moved to the lawn for a festive brunch.....
Michele and Matt ..
it was a joy working together from afar....
I am so honored to be a part of your wedding day....
Thank you so much....
Send pictures!~!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florist: Eolia Mansion Pergola dressed in "Crystals" and a "Kiss"

I imagined myself in the 1930's creating a wedding for The Harkness Family on the grounds of Harknes Park in Waterford Ct.
This Pergola is made for a wedding.
The architecture lends itself to perfection.....

Most face out to the gardens......and I wanted to create magic looking into this intimate space.
I'll bet this was created just for the ultimate "Ceremony."

And to think 70 years later we could step within this most amazing space......

The magic began with crystal drops in all the openings inside the pergola.
One hour before the ceremony, the sun decided to shine and the space glittered .

"You really had to be there."

Even I was in "AWE" and after 22 years in the Wedding business it does not happen often. The pomiander balls also fit into the "1930's glam with a modern twist"
We hung beautiful clusters of Victorian crystals to maximise the eye candy.

What can I say to all the wonderful people who embraced this wonderful day.

Cheryl at www.croninphotographyblog.com showcased this wedding under Jeremy and Diana. Please take the time to check this out. It is worth it....
I also need to thank Laurie at www.photogenicimagesct.com . She was a 2nd shooter and shot all the florals......just for me.

The day was amazing, as the Mother of the Groom,
I know that Jeremy and Diana will forever more remember their day with a heartfelt amazement.