Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ct.Wedding Florist: Jocelyn Filly Photography showcasing Kelly and Willliam's wedding

 William and Kelly......

Kelly and William together........I rarely have an opportunity to take these kinds of shots.....I was so thrilled to receive in the mail a disk of beautiful shots taken at Water's Edge resort and Spa. I would love to "THANK"  Jocelyn Filley  at  Jocelyn Filley Blog where you can see it all......I love my Brides ......Thanks to Water's Edge too~~~

Saybrook Point Inn and Spa wedding

Sheila's vision was perfect......I love blush peonies....and as you can see
she loved green too......Green cymbidium orchids were a perfect mix.

We added gardenias to her bouquet to surprise her with the most amazing scent.
Below we had fun with whimsical upright centerpieces. The size compliments Saybrook Pt. Inn perfectly.

Check out Sheila and Mark at Saybrook Pt. as you watch a slide show from Cheryl Cronin at  Cronin Photography   We work together often and I am always pleased to be a part of the circle of venders that are so adept at what they do.......Thank you all!!

Madison Beach Hotel wedding

I asked Jennifer today to "Please" send photos of "A Beautiful Bride" carrying a Beautiful Wedding Bouquet. She, Jennifer, the bride......couldn't wait to see the photos too......Here's to Hot Pink!!!

Jennifer loved our Mercury Glass.......Hot pink, Yes,Yes, and hotpink hydrangea, hot pink garden roses and hot pink peonies made our Mercury Glass sparkle...... Madison Beach Hotel rocked!!!
It is always wonderful to spend a day at Madison Beach Hotel where the ocean sparkles.  Congratulations!!!
And special thanks for the amazing shots from Leslie Dumke Studio Photography. Wow!!! Enjoy!!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ct.Wedding Florist: Art and a letter of thanks!

I received this lovely watercolor thank you note. The bride's mother painted this shot of an
upright arrangement we did for the foyer of "The Riverhouse". We will frame this and have it showcased in my office for all to enjoy.... along with a touching note
inside that read:  

Dear Debra,
I just want to thank you and express my gratitude for all of your patience, advice, and hard work in
helping with Katherine's wedding.
You took our thoughts and turned them into more than we could have ever imagined!!
The attendant's flowers, entry displays, centerpieces, pew markers, stair draping, ceremony pieces,
EVERYTHING was perfect.
The magical setting was surpassed only by my daughters beauty as she held her exquisite bouquet!
Thank you again for helping make the "FAIRY TALE" come true!
I wish you continued success, and I know who to call for my next event, whatever that may be.
"With warm regards"
Denise (mother of bride)

Wedding at Water's Edge Inn, Westbrook, Ct. wedding

 Hey, everyone, there is our beautiful Dana holding her soft and romantic wedding bouquet before
she stepped into her gorgeous gown.......
 We had a question all day with rain, or no rain......and Dana took the risk to have her ceremony on the lawn at Water's Edge.  And she chose right......Yay!!

We created an arbor in her color scheme.....

The Grand Ballroom showcased our pilsner vases with soft and romatic flowers to follow the
overall style of her wedding.....Water's Edge Inn and Spa  as always were gracious and would
move mountains to meet our bride's needs........Thank you!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Saybrook Point Inn wedding

I love this shot of Jenna and her "pips"   All white on white......We just don't
see this very often these days. Looked so bridal.....

White peonies, with white scabiosa and roses were center stage. With white weddings
texture is everything.....Couldn't ask for more.

 These urns were very traditional and looked great. The scale was perfect.
The one and only great "Cheryl Cronin" taking shots of Jenna. Check out her blog at
Cheryl Cronin blog  and enjoy more shots and her slide show. As Jenna shouted out,
"You two (me and Cheryl) are the dream team!"  She was the dream bride.

 Saybrook Pt. Inn did a wonderful job as always. We are thrilled to be part of Jenna and Russell's day and wish them years and years of joy!!!