Sunday, August 24, 2008

Ct.Wedding Florist: Erin and Michael's Wedding, one year later

Can you believe it was one year ago we installed Erin and Michael's wedding flowers? I have been looking for a perfect photo to use in my new advertising campaign, scanning photographers sites and the slide shows we have worked together in. I was just thrilled to see that Cheryl Cronin and I worked together on this wedding. And Voila!! The perfect shot.
Erin's wedding flowers, showcased deep saturated color... This photo says it all.
We installed candlelight for a soft and romantic feeling along the aisle of a traditional old world church...check out the slide show at, scroll down to Erin and Michael, August 18, 2007.. Even the priest was amazed.......
The reception was held at the
Talk about synchronicity, after a year to the day, I received a thank you card from Erin and Michael saying:
Although this note is long overdue, it comes with no less gratitude. Michael and I would like to thank you for helping to make our wedding day so incredibly beautiful. I will never forget walking down that candle and flower filled aisle. My bouquet was one of my favorite aspects of the day. It's almost a year later and many of our guests are still talking about the flowers. Thank you again for your professional service and top notch quality!!!
Erin and Michael
What a beautiful wedding, Thank you, Erin and her mom, who really enjoyed the process.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Ct.Wedding Florists: Water's Edge on a Spectacular Evening

"Suzanne and Anthony"
Suzanne and Anthony flew in from Las Vegas, leaving their busy careers in the Las Vegas hotel industry, to relax at Water's Edge in and resort.
for a weekend filled with joy.
Suzanne's visionary expertise, showcased itself clearly in a simple and modern design. As a design team, together, and her vision in mind, we explored which modern elements suited her best.
Colors: Hot Pink, Black and Silver

3 Key Elements
Bridal party: hot pink rose bouquets with crystals.


What a fabulous backdrop showcasing our "Grand Madame" huppah dressed in white with custom made silver organza ribbon drops. Modern cylinders wrapped in silver organza along with simple white topiaries, greeted guests at aisle entry.
It's Las Vegas party time!! We dressed the Royal ballroom columns with white lights and cascading fabrics on 4 columns, creating floor to ceiling drama. The modern centerpieces, massed hot pink roses in low black vases with bands of silver contrasted and popped the overall ballroom landscape..

We wish Suzanne and Anthony all the best... I enjoyed our process, our vision together, and most of all, looking at the job well done, showcasing a Spectacular evening .

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ct.Wedding Florist: Blue Wedding Flowers, Classic for the Shoreline

Shoreline conservationists at heart, Debbie's inspiration came from the Connecticut wetlands and beaches. Living only minutes from Guilford Yacht Club

it translated perfectly into the perfect wedding site.

The sheer beauty of a classic gown with a classic bouquet of white freesia, calla lillies, and white roses with a white hydrangea base offered her simplicity at it's finest.

Simple classic blue dresses visually set the tone. With blue hydrangea and white freesia being her favorite flowers, we added in hybrid blue delphinium clusters......

Hand painted table squares added another layer of interest to the blue hydrangea centerpieces.

And just in:

As the mother of the bride,

I want to say how wonderful it was working with Debra. The entire process was easy and totally enjoyable. Debra listened so carefully, had so many good ideas that enhanced the vision that our daughter had for her wedding, had many photographs and examples to show us, never made us feel rushed or as if we couldn't make changes, never insisted on her own ideas but helped our daughter to realize her own.

Debra has a wealth of experience over many years, was completely reassuring that everything would be done exactly as we wanted and as it should be. And indeed it was!!! The bouquets were just beautiful, the table decorations perfect, the archway was gorgeous, and all the rest. Everything was classically simple and beautiful.

All the flowers lasted beautifully throughout a warm afternoon and the evening, and on into the next days as well. Everything to be worn was delivered and preserved perfectly, and labeled clearly. The set-up at the yacht club was perfect. And her prices were very reasonable. Debra was a pleasure to work with and the flowers were gorgeous. There was not a single thing we could have wished to have been done differently.

We're so appreciative of all she did, in her own so very warm and easy and reassuringly peaceful way, and we couldn't recommend her more highly.

Ellen (mother of the bride)

Congratulations to Debbie's vision and to all who made her vision perfect.