Monday, August 18, 2008

Ct.Wedding Florists: Water's Edge on a Spectacular Evening

"Suzanne and Anthony"
Suzanne and Anthony flew in from Las Vegas, leaving their busy careers in the Las Vegas hotel industry, to relax at Water's Edge in and resort.
for a weekend filled with joy.
Suzanne's visionary expertise, showcased itself clearly in a simple and modern design. As a design team, together, and her vision in mind, we explored which modern elements suited her best.
Colors: Hot Pink, Black and Silver

3 Key Elements
Bridal party: hot pink rose bouquets with crystals.


What a fabulous backdrop showcasing our "Grand Madame" huppah dressed in white with custom made silver organza ribbon drops. Modern cylinders wrapped in silver organza along with simple white topiaries, greeted guests at aisle entry.
It's Las Vegas party time!! We dressed the Royal ballroom columns with white lights and cascading fabrics on 4 columns, creating floor to ceiling drama. The modern centerpieces, massed hot pink roses in low black vases with bands of silver contrasted and popped the overall ballroom landscape..

We wish Suzanne and Anthony all the best... I enjoyed our process, our vision together, and most of all, looking at the job well done, showcasing a Spectacular evening .

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