Monday, November 24, 2008

Ct.Wedding Florists:"Riverhouse Tasting Two"

We always have such a wonderful time creating as much beauty with flowers as we can using the Riverhouse, as a perfect backdrop. We start with a grand arrangement at entry. This is also the first visual a bride sees as she walks down the staircase for the first time. We always raffle off a wedding bouquet......Hey, Girls, I would love to know who won the bouquet.

Each Bride is gifted with a tiny bouquet, using orchids and ribbons.....This is a true labor of love......

We are always looking for new and creative ideas....Modern is the new trendy look.. I wish I could have taken a photo in the evening. The shade, along with the orchids under water, lit up the table. Random white orchid strands were hung to add a little whimsy. This was great fun for us.

And who could resist rose petals along with a beautiful arrangement for a table centerpiece.

We are totally devoted to new and exciting ideas.
Thanks so much to the Riverhouse, Jim, Libby and Ivy and all my Brides.
We look forward to another great year.