Monday, February 18, 2008

Ct.Wedding Florists: The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Tasting!

Riverhouse at Goodspeed tasting, February 9th, 2008

Bakes and Baldwin was fortunate enough to take part in the Riverhouse tasting. We hope the future bride looked upon our floral designs as a visual feast and enjoyed them as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Upon their welcome, both Brides and Grooms were greeted with an 8” standing arrangement. Placed upon an elegant mahogany foyer table, a 36” tall clear glass vase set the tone for contemporary sophistication housing not only a profusion of apple blossoms, but also soft and romantic pastel garlands.

Merging the modern and traditional together…..

As the Brides gathered for the tasting we concentrated on centerpieces.. From a 30” tall clear vase filled with beautiful white cymbidium orchids lit underwater for new and interesting lighting.

For another centerpiece we chose an open bowl filled with garden flowers, and under water to magnify the flowers 3 fold. Floating candles created a soft romantic feeling.

The most sought after table, stood beneath 7 beautiful suspended floral spheres in pink and white flowers placed over the table under the chandelier. 3 hot pink votive shades and candle lights met the hanging d├ęcor to complete a look beyond what we had hoped for.

The day was clearly a success with not only our commitment to detail but also our dedication to creating a great tasting for The Riverhouse at Goodspeed.