Monday, April 25, 2011

Ct.Wedding Florist: Jenn and Christopher married at Water's Edge

The Royal Ballroom at Water's Edge looked ready for a grand party when we finished
decorating the 4 columns with white drapes and twinkling lights. The bride and groom
loved curly willow branching for centerpieces. We embellished with hanging crystals and french votives, shimmer and glitter everywhere.
  Look closely and you can see the I am not the greatest

  Christoper wrote:
"WOW"  Debra,
You really did an amazing job with the flowers. It was so beautiful and well
done. The room and gazebo were perfect. At night it turned into an amazing
My mom took one of the big displays home and we gave the other to waters edge to
use for Easter brunch.

Thank you again
Christopher & Jennifer Aiello

Jenn looked so beautiful, in fact, I must have told her that at least 5 times. Her exquisite gown fit like
a glove. She was well taken care of by the great:  The White Dress by the Shore   I am so honored to have her most beautiful gown as a backdrop to her vivid bouquet. 
 We are thrilled  be a part of their most wonderful day.......

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ct.Wedding Florist: "Riverhouse" tasting flowers, April 2011

The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station  does a wonderful job showcasing all their menus for each
new bride to "taste."  We are given the opportunity to showcase centerpieces.......always great fun.
I was offered navy and copper linens........I really wanted to explore the wonderful floral textures to help create that "WEDDING" feeling.......Wedding design (we see in magazines) is taking on a more modern
approach. I love flowers in soft textures with a modern edge or modern colors with a soft design......
    We were invited meet the brides and showcase at the tasting......We created this fall wedding bouquet and raffled it off......# 20........The bride  was so excited, the smile on her face, priceless!!!!
..........makes my job so much fun........Yes, you could say I have the most amazing job..(I hear this
often)......Bravo!!!  to The always, they  "STAND OUT" as one of the best Wedding
facilities we have in Connecticut.......and talking with the bride's that day, they too, agreed.    

Ct.Wedding Florist: Jamie at "Water's Edge"

 Jamie and Erich tied the knot on the upper patio at Water's Edge. It was a perfect day.
Jamie loved simple, spring-like colors......... Posi callas were her yellow, peach
and hot pink along with cherry brandy roses and daisies brought this smile to her face.  
What more could you ask for??
Hugs and more hugs to Jamie.......
the vision and journey to her wedding day was such joy!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Ct. Wedding Florist: Beautiful Recommendation Letter

I found Bakes and Baldwin online during a search for wedding florists. I was struck by the simplicity, elegance and beauty of the website. I immediately decided to use them, because I thought my vision could be completed by them. I worked with Debra, who was very enthusiastic and sent me lots of ideas for all of my colors (which changed almost four times). In the midst of my wedding planning I came in to some unexpected financial difficulties, and she worked with me the whole way to make what I wanted and what I could do come together beautifully.

I am not a bride that was so into the bouquet, and now I have it drying in my house because I was so struck at the beauty of it! I hope my photographer got some great shots so I can send them along because Debra really did a gorgeous job with it. The colors that I requested were specific and wound up perfect!

My experience with Bakes & Baldwin was one filled with class, flexibility, and professionalism. Debra always got back to me quickly, and my flowers were there and perfectly kept when I got to my wedding site. I highly recommend her services.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Ct.Wedding Florist: The Madsion Beach Hotel: weddings

 Weddings at Madison Beach Hotel  have always been a hidden treasure.  Perfect for any
bride loving the beach and the intimacy of our New England shoreline.
Beth McDevitt, their wonderful Events manager sent along this rendering
of their new banquet facility opening early summer 2011.
We are thrilled to work with their brides to enhance the new ballroom
and create magic with flowers...
We installed this simple bamboo arch early in the morning. Wow!! The coastline was
just beautiful........
We are excited to be booking this venue with new brides and look forward
to many great photos to share with all of you and
 "The Madsion Beach Club"