Monday, September 21, 2015

Madison Beach Hotel: Bakes and Baldwin Floral Co.: Wedding Flowers

 Lisa was very special in her overall vision........
classic with a little twist.....
and being on the beach at Madison Beach Hotel
 on a perfect evening made it all so
To a wonderful couple!
We send embracing congrats!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station:Bakes and Baldwin showcasing Kara's wedding flowers

Kara's wedding bouquet was clean and classic. I wasn't able to get a shot of her......

All the bridesmaids carried all blue with white you can see the brides
bouquet coordinated so nicely using the posi callas.

These arrangements enhanced the bar area, set up under the pergola.....

Centerpieces included two different looks.....peacock feathers were added for simple accents throughout.....The orchids underwater along with floating candles looks so romantic as the evening moves on......And upright centerpieces always looks great.....You can see the peacock feathers up and out of the uprights in the back-round......Wish Kara and her hubby all kinds of inspiration into their married life and always special thanks to The Riverhouse...They are great !!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station: Bakes and Baldwin showcasing Amanda's beautiful wedding flowers

Amanda before stepping into her gown loving on her gorgeous wedding bouquet.....

I love natural garden along with textures that enhance such beautiful gowns....I thought this had the right amount of pop~~~

All the bridesmaids gathered around to adore the bouquets saying " That's Amanda"...

St. Sebastians in Middletown is an amazing site and a glorious place to say vows. It is always a pleasure to just create a wedding like texture to something already so beautiful..

Greeting guest with a lush bouquet is always nice. The container used is a Bakes and Baldwin rental. 
Amanda loved the glitz created.

Tall upright arrangements are wonderful since we have grand upper space to fit into.
Such a beautiful day ......Thanks to The Riverhouse.....such a pleasure!! Amazing job as always.

The Riverhouse Wedding:Bakes and Baldwin showcasing Leah's wedding flowers.

 Leah booked me a year ago at The Riverhouse Wedding show. Her overall ideas were very unique....I was thrilled to meet her needs so well.  Knowing that white anemone would be a long shot for this season we chose a plan B for this flower.....Then we could not get plan B..and out of the blue, my wholesaler called and opened a box and found anemone......I surprised Leah!! She was beside "JOY"   

Grouped the flowers for a striking pop~
Leah before she stepped into her gown......Yes, I am always early.

Riverhouse has a grand scale beauty......Our drapes are lush enough to create the magic every bride should have.

 Say Hi to Vicky, Leah's mother who graciously offered to have a shot with these grand ceremonial flowers.........Thank you, Vicky (before she stepped into her gown)

Centerpieces were very showy, using lanterns with drops of greens and very natural garden flowers. Looked just perfect for Leah's vision.......What a JOY I had creating Leah's "Beautiful Wedding Flowers"   Thanks  to The Riverhouse as always, so all embracing !!