Friday, March 12, 2010

Ct.Wedding Florist: Riverhouse Tasting Yay!!!

Well, here are the Riverhouse "Girls." Kelly, director of corporate sales,
Ivy, director of off-site catering, and Libby, director of Wedding sales..
This "team" is very special to all you wonderful "Brides" thinking
about booking the Riverhouse. Great shot!!!

I am always looking for fun and creative ideas to capture the bride's eye.
A "WoW" factor. The LED lit pomiander ball floated in water
along with a hanging crystal inside the blush pink rose decorated cylinder.
Check out the absolutely beautiful colored damask linen, a great
choice from the library of gorgeous linens "The Riverhouse" supply.

We interview hundreds of brides each year and it is very easy to know the
upcoming yearly "Trends." Purple and Blue are "IN." Choosing from "The Riverhouse's
abundant choices of linens only help to bring forth these color trends
"WoW" to the calla lillies lit.
The feedback on these color palettes and designed centerpieces has been great.

Our third centerpiece was inspired again by bright modern citris green linens
with lavender napkins. "Modern" is in. These 3 cylinders with suspended orchids
and lavender LED lights underwater matched perfectly.

The Riverhouse linens have endless combinations......Great for the Brides and
even better for "us" your creative floral director.
Feedback from all my new brides was "The Food and Flowers
Were Wonderful, What A Great Evening.....and that was only the beginning.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ct.Wedding Florist: Lucky to have great "Wedding Photographers"

I am always so grateful to "Wedding Photographers"
sharp and sensitive eyes to capture the essence of a perfect wedding day.
I am so thrilled to have these great shots......
Sara from
was gracious enough to send them along.....
.Thanks so much, Sara.
Enjoy everyone!!!

And of course, without Emily and Nick we wouldn't have these shots.
Thank you both..
You fill my life in joy knowing that your vision was perfect
and we created it together...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

To a Wedding Florist: Wedding Perfect!!

I cannot thank you enough for all the effort you put into making our wedding perfect.

I always felt that you could see my vision, even if I didn't always
articulate it well.

Your enthusiasm and creativity made you one of my favorite
vendors to work with and I will be passing your name along
to anybody who is getting married.