Monday, February 22, 2010

Ct.Wedding Florist: Getting to know me....

I have glorious memories ramping through the infinite untouched wild flower fields in rural Vermont as a child. I remember playing with the bouncing monarch butterflies stopping at each wild flower for it’s nectar….My fascination and good favors motivated my sense of bouquet design. Tussie-Mussie’s (small hand-tied bouquets) filled every nook and cranny in our rustic cabin and mom’s kisses were always close by.

My passions ran deep as I later began to explore oil painting in those same golden fields expressing myself painting rickety old barns and run down homesteads. The aromas of oil paint and fields together to this day, send me back remembering wonderful times.

Choosing a career oil painting or choosing a career in the floral industry, I waffled with for a while…..Floral was more lucrative…..Studying with great masters and many teachers, I was very fortunate to open Bakes and Baldwin. Wedding flowers are the grand finale to all these years of hard work…Wedding flowers are like a great painting…..When the installation is set I can look into the final result and see perfection.

Today, I love painting with flowers, style, creativity, color, texture and form. I love abstract painting just as much and have found a way of uniting all these elements, walking down 2 similar roads coming together and creating the perfect marriage.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ct.Wedding Florists: Gorgeous "PURPLE" Wedding Flowers: trends for 2010

Enjoy these combinations.. Whether we choose purples with a twist of citris, or a more dramatic punch of hot pink, there isn't any color combination that doesn't look perfect with a purple backdrop. We have endless photo libraries to showcase all color combinations and textures. Let's have fun and begin creating...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Riverhouse Off-Site Catering !!!

The "Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station" has taken
their great food and smiling staff on the road.

With brides looking for locations on the water, in
mansions or the backyard, we now cater at your location.
All events are possible from an intimate wedding for 50
to a night to party with all the family and friends,
also contact us for rehearsal dinners and suggested

With designs from "Bakes and Baldwin" and "Riverhouse",
catering your event is sure to be an event for all to remember!

To all you wonderful brides thinking about caterers... You will
love "IVY"

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ct.Wedding Florist:2010 "Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station" Bridal Show

We are thrilled again to be a part of "The Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station" ( Bridal show. We love showcasing the essence of "Bridal" flowers throughout the day. I always imagine their grand foyer with a Metropolitan like floral piece large and glorious to enhance this beautiful space. I think we accomplished grandness,hanging crystals and all....

Creating soft and romantic Bridal bouquets using the latest trends,really brings out SMILES.... Thanks so much girls, I look forward to your "BEAUTIFUL WEDDING FLOWERS" too.

As always I must thank "The Riverhouse" for all their hospitality and hard work, Libby, Ivy, Jim and all their staff were wonderful.