Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florist: Wedding Flowers at Guilford Yacht Club,Ct.

This space lends itself to creating perfect weddings.
Working together with Marissa McCue, Premier Events Planner at the Yacht Club
is a win/win for each bride.......
Purple is in.!!!!
Here is a wonderful collage, utilizing purple at the Yacht Club.
We love Guilford Yacht Club www.gyc.com and Jordan Caterers www.jordancaterers.com
Thanks so much, Jennifer.......It was a wonderful day!!!!
Bakes and Baldwin
sends "love" and "happiness" and "joy" to you.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florists: Jilllians Wedding Flowers at "Waterview." Ct.

Jillian and her family were a joy!!!
As you can see,
we had a perfect color palette and a perfect wedding planner....Char.
Char and I worked together on another family wedding a year earlier.
I appreciate the referral and the opportunity to embrace another family member.....
It was great fun.
How about those "tornadoes" in Shelton as I am driving through Shelton on to Monroe to deliver Jillian's wedding flowers? How was I to know when my van was filling with rain pouring in the side windows and the wind knocking and bumping?.....I "endured".... I made it.....but....it was scary!!!
Meg (Jillian's mom) wrote:
Hi Debra,

I just wanted to take a little time, now that I have a little, to thank you so much for the wonderful effort you put into Jillian and Craig's wedding.
The flowers were absolutely gorgeous.
In retrospect, I only wished that I had considered the thought that we might have two confirmed tornadoes in our immediate area and decorated the downstairs!
Oh well! I understand that we also had a rainbow to commemorate the ceremony.
Well, the staff went into overdrive and brought a few of the flowers that were on the tables and put them in the "chapel" area.
It was classy and lovely.

Again thank you for "working" with Charlene's cousin's budget which I deeply appreciate.
I am sure if Jillian and Craig weren't cruising the Mediterranean Sea right now. they would thank you, too!

Again thank you for your creativity and professionalism.

Best regards,


I am so thrilled to be a part of this wonderful wedding and family.
I look forward to working together again....as soon as we can.
Success and love to Jillian and Craig.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florist: Hydrangea Wedding Bouquets.....Thank you, Katherine

Katherine loved the simplicity of Hydangea......
a perfect wedding flower......
We designed these with her style in mind.
Hydrangea with a mix of lemon leaves gave these bouquets contrast and a more natural gardeny feeling.
Just perfect!!
Hydrangea wreaths are perect!

Oh!! how I love my Brides.
Katherine looked beautiful (I didn't get the shot)
She wants to share her photos and I am thrilled.
So......more to come. Yay!!!
To view Katherine go to :

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florist: Wedding flowers at New Haven Country Club, Ct.

It was such a joy to meet with Emily and Nick for the first time.......
Nick's family was from this area and we went way back servicing the floral needs of his family in years past. Joyce, Nick's mom, was so thrilled to contact us. Wow!! the time had come.. Wedding time!!!
The suprise factor in Emily's choices for flowers included cypripedium orchids...a perfect choice since (except for the bridesmaids flowers) the overall color scheme was chartreuse green and white.
Emily and Nick chose New Haven Country Club for their ceremony and reception. Why not create a suprise factor that all the guests have not seen........
We installed a 30" backdrop of draperies and lights and created the "WOW" factor.......inside the main dining room......

The theme remained simple and modern.
The square arch of green and white hydrangea grounded the ceremonial space perfectly. Centerpieces textured the ballroom for overall affect.

We looked forward to this wedding all year, imagining, and maifesting ......
We thank you, Emily and Nick. for your trust and unified vision........

Nick's mom wrote:

Thank you so much for a lovely evening. Everything was just

Everyone loved the decorations and the flowers were beautiful.
The back drop made the room look so romantic.

Thank you again for a magical evening.