Friday, August 14, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florists: Jilllians Wedding Flowers at "Waterview." Ct.

Jillian and her family were a joy!!!
As you can see,
we had a perfect color palette and a perfect wedding planner....Char.
Char and I worked together on another family wedding a year earlier.
I appreciate the referral and the opportunity to embrace another family member.....
It was great fun.
How about those "tornadoes" in Shelton as I am driving through Shelton on to Monroe to deliver Jillian's wedding flowers? How was I to know when my van was filling with rain pouring in the side windows and the wind knocking and bumping?.....I "endured".... I made was scary!!!
Meg (Jillian's mom) wrote:
Hi Debra,

I just wanted to take a little time, now that I have a little, to thank you so much for the wonderful effort you put into Jillian and Craig's wedding.
The flowers were absolutely gorgeous.
In retrospect, I only wished that I had considered the thought that we might have two confirmed tornadoes in our immediate area and decorated the downstairs!
Oh well! I understand that we also had a rainbow to commemorate the ceremony.
Well, the staff went into overdrive and brought a few of the flowers that were on the tables and put them in the "chapel" area.
It was classy and lovely.

Again thank you for "working" with Charlene's cousin's budget which I deeply appreciate.
I am sure if Jillian and Craig weren't cruising the Mediterranean Sea right now. they would thank you, too!

Again thank you for your creativity and professionalism.

Best regards,


I am so thrilled to be a part of this wonderful wedding and family.
I look forward to working together soon as we can.
Success and love to Jillian and Craig.

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It was my extreme pleasure to be involved with so many wonderful and talented people.