Monday, April 25, 2011

Ct.Wedding Florist: Jenn and Christopher married at Water's Edge

The Royal Ballroom at Water's Edge looked ready for a grand party when we finished
decorating the 4 columns with white drapes and twinkling lights. The bride and groom
loved curly willow branching for centerpieces. We embellished with hanging crystals and french votives, shimmer and glitter everywhere.
  Look closely and you can see the I am not the greatest

  Christoper wrote:
"WOW"  Debra,
You really did an amazing job with the flowers. It was so beautiful and well
done. The room and gazebo were perfect. At night it turned into an amazing
My mom took one of the big displays home and we gave the other to waters edge to
use for Easter brunch.

Thank you again
Christopher & Jennifer Aiello

Jenn looked so beautiful, in fact, I must have told her that at least 5 times. Her exquisite gown fit like
a glove. She was well taken care of by the great:  The White Dress by the Shore   I am so honored to have her most beautiful gown as a backdrop to her vivid bouquet. 
 We are thrilled  be a part of their most wonderful day.......

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Anonymous said...

I was one of Jennifer's Bridesmaids. My flowers are still thriving in my vase a week later. The room looked exquisite. The flowers were absolutely gorgeous. Everything was done to a T. You did a wonderful job. Thank you for making the day beautiful for my friends!
Jacquelyn LePre