Monday, April 11, 2011

Ct. Wedding Florist: Beautiful Recommendation Letter

I found Bakes and Baldwin online during a search for wedding florists. I was struck by the simplicity, elegance and beauty of the website. I immediately decided to use them, because I thought my vision could be completed by them. I worked with Debra, who was very enthusiastic and sent me lots of ideas for all of my colors (which changed almost four times). In the midst of my wedding planning I came in to some unexpected financial difficulties, and she worked with me the whole way to make what I wanted and what I could do come together beautifully.

I am not a bride that was so into the bouquet, and now I have it drying in my house because I was so struck at the beauty of it! I hope my photographer got some great shots so I can send them along because Debra really did a gorgeous job with it. The colors that I requested were specific and wound up perfect!

My experience with Bakes & Baldwin was one filled with class, flexibility, and professionalism. Debra always got back to me quickly, and my flowers were there and perfectly kept when I got to my wedding site. I highly recommend her services.

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