Monday, June 11, 2012

Saybrook Point Inn wedding

I love this shot of Jenna and her "pips"   All white on white......We just don't
see this very often these days. Looked so bridal.....

White peonies, with white scabiosa and roses were center stage. With white weddings
texture is everything.....Couldn't ask for more.

 These urns were very traditional and looked great. The scale was perfect.
The one and only great "Cheryl Cronin" taking shots of Jenna. Check out her blog at
Cheryl Cronin blog  and enjoy more shots and her slide show. As Jenna shouted out,
"You two (me and Cheryl) are the dream team!"  She was the dream bride.

 Saybrook Pt. Inn did a wonderful job as always. We are thrilled to be part of Jenna and Russell's day and wish them years and years of joy!!!

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