Friday, December 4, 2009

To a Ct. Wedding Florist: Water's Edge "Thank you".....

Dear Debra,
I do not stand along on the following comments...I am truly writing on behalf of each and ever guest that attended the 50th Anniversary party for my in-laws at "Water's Edge Inn" not to mention the odd hotel employee or hotel guest just "peeking" into the room for a "look and see."

HOW CAN WE EVER THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THE VISUAL FEAST YOU BESTOWED UPON US? You outdid yourselves. The room came alive with elegance and perfection!

Ours was no easy task, communicating 3,000 miles across the Atlantic, hoping to get "the look" just right. I was skeptical that any part of this party would be pulled off, let along to the high degree of standard that I had set for my goals. I knew, if anything, that all of our 100 guests would be treated to sights and smells that would ruin the senses for anything else, forever. Everyone is still talking about "THE FLOWERS" from West Hartford,Ct. to Beverly Hills, California, to Jerusalem, Israel!!

Thank you for heling to make this day so special for all of us. You were a pleasure to work with and I applaud you for interpreting my hodgepodge desires into objects of beauty. Everything exceeded my wildest expectations.
I am gratefully yours,
London, England

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