Monday, December 7, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florists: Another wonderful Recommendation Letter!!!

As the mother of the bride,

I want to say how wonderful it was working with Debra. The entire process was easy and totally enjoyable. Debra listened so carefully, had so many good ideas that enhanced the vision that our daughter had for her wedding, had many photographs and examples to show us, never made us feel rushed or as if we couldn't make changes, never insisted on her own ideas but helped our daughter to realize her own.

Debra has a wealth of experience over many years, was completely reassuring that everything would be done exactly as we wanted and as it should be. And indeed it was!!! The bouquets were just beautiful, the table decorations perfect, the archway was gorgeous, and all the rest. Everything was classically simple and beautiful.

All the flowers lasted beautifully throughout a warm afternoon and the evening, and on into the next days as well. Everything to be worn was delivered and preserved perfectly, and labeled clearly. The set-up at the yacht club was perfect. And her prices were very reasonable. Debra was a pleasure to work with and the flowers were gorgeous. There was not a single thing we could have wished to have been done differently.

We're so appreciative of all she did, in her own so very warm and easy and reassuringly peaceful way, and we couldn't recommend her more highly.

Ellen (mother of the bride)

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