Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florist: Eolia Mansion Pergola dressed in "Crystals" and a "Kiss"

I imagined myself in the 1930's creating a wedding for The Harkness Family on the grounds of Harknes Park in Waterford Ct.
This Pergola is made for a wedding.
The architecture lends itself to perfection.....

Most face out to the gardens......and I wanted to create magic looking into this intimate space.
I'll bet this was created just for the ultimate "Ceremony."

And to think 70 years later we could step within this most amazing space......

The magic began with crystal drops in all the openings inside the pergola.
One hour before the ceremony, the sun decided to shine and the space glittered .

"You really had to be there."

Even I was in "AWE" and after 22 years in the Wedding business it does not happen often. The pomiander balls also fit into the "1930's glam with a modern twist"
We hung beautiful clusters of Victorian crystals to maximise the eye candy.

What can I say to all the wonderful people who embraced this wonderful day.

Cheryl at showcased this wedding under Jeremy and Diana. Please take the time to check this out. It is worth it....
I also need to thank Laurie at . She was a 2nd shooter and shot all the florals......just for me.

The day was amazing, as the Mother of the Groom,
I know that Jeremy and Diana will forever more remember their day with a heartfelt amazement.


Bones Rodriguez said...

Hey I was at this wedding, and it was gorgeous! I think there was a little EXTRA INSPIRATION... something about being related to the Groom :-)

Beautiful arrangements, I'm going to look at the other entries now...

Dan the Man said...

Hi Debra! Thanks does not even begin to express my happiness and gratitude for your beautiful work at our wedding. This past year has been so fun from concepting the design in your studio to seeing our vision come to life in it's full glory. The wedding was a work of art and your flowers stunned me with exceptional beauty. They truly enhanced the already majestic natural beauty at Harkness Park. Too bad you can only have one wedding, I know I would enjoy this process with you again and again! Thank you! Your loving daughter-in-law, Diana