Monday, June 1, 2009

Ct. Wedding Florist: Who Stole our Arch at the Beach?

We started off on this beautiful day setting up a bamboo arch at Hammonasset State Park. It was all about the bamboo arch, simple but affective, set in the sand.

Look at this ocean backdrop....Perfect!! We fought the high winds, no problem, but never considered that as we went back to the trucks to bring forward the flowers that the arch would be stolen. Yes, when we returned the arch was where to be found.
These 2 men are the HERO' this story. They were passing on the boardwalk and decided to keep an eye out......I heard them yelling and running back with the whole arch top and sides they had found in dunes aways away. We reinstalled the arch with flowers and voila!!!......
The Bride never knew and walked down her sandy aisle smiling.
"All in a "Wedding" florists day."

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