Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florists:Sarahs wedding flowers at Wadsworth Mansion,Ct.

Beautiful "Sarah" I was so lucky to get a shot of her.

It was raining (of course, these days)

and there she was getting her photos done inside. How lucky am I to get a shot!!
The grounds are lovely......and our rain plan was just as beautiful. We had intended to

place the pedestal arrangements on the columns in the garden and use the central arrangement

across the garden wall.......And here we are at the East Ballroom mantle area.....almost perfect.

The Wadsworth mansion is a grand and glorious site.

There are endless possibilities from a decorative standpoint.
Right up my alley. I love

It has been a wonderful and pleasurable journey working with Sarah. This is why I love doing beautiful wedding flowers. I send great big hugs to Sarah and Chris, may they keep the flame burning forever.......
Wow!! Thanks so much.

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