Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ct.Wedding Florist: With a Fairy Tale Twist

Breigh's key words: Romantic, Romantic, Romantic....with a fairy tale twist.

The Riverview in Simsbury, Ct. offered a beautiful backdrop of large majestic arched windows and sparkling crystal chandeliers.

My photos do not even begin to capture the feeling of aweness that the ceremony site created.
Our "Grand Madame" Huppah sat perfectly, soft and romantic, waiting for the bride and groom.

I love this candid shot..Breigh at her best. Later I passed by and I captured a formal shot of her waiting for the photographer.
This family's loving emotion and sincere gratitude and appreciation left me speechless.

I honor that Breigh's wedding flowers will hold a place in her heart forever, making my career so worthwhile.

Our reception site showcased old world urn centerpieces and soft natural garden flowers with cascading ivy.....Rose petals scattered the base.

I had to include this photo of the cake along with the backdrop.

I salute Breigh, her Mom and her Aunt for all their hard work. A thank you note from Breigh's Aunt just came in:

Debra, Nick, and Staff,

There is absolutely no words to express the, "out of this world" work you did yesterday. We are still so overwhelmed with the beauty of the entire event, all due to the most gorgeous floral pieces we have ever seen. Janis (mom) will be calling you, Debra, to express these same thoughts, but she said, and I quote, "No, I can't call Debra today. I don't want to cry!!!!! (happy tears). We are so very grateful to have had the extreme pleasure of working with you, and now must find another event to host so we can come back.

Thank you all and stay well.

What a perfect fairy tale wedding with a perfect new beginning on Breigh's wedding day.

Love to you all.

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