Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ct.Wedding Florist:Danna and Sam

I have beautiful photos of Danna's bouquet and beautiful photos of her ceremony site. Often I am not in the right place or right time to capture the joy and laughter that the photographer can.
Katherine at captured all the beauty in a slide show of Danna and Sam. They were wed outside on the patio at Saybrook Pt. Inn. on June 22, 08.
What a wonderful couple!!!

Orchids were suspended and lit under water along with floating candles.
Guests were fascinated with something new and innovative.
Danna and Sam brought joy to all who attended. We had such a great time.
Thanks to Katerine at Kiernanphotography.
Thanks to Saybrook Pt. Inn
And most of all Thanks to Danna and Sam.
We wish you such joy.

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