Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florist: Carols Wedding Flowers at Water's Edge, Ct.

Now what would you think that Carol's favorite flower is?

How about stargazer lillies.

If you guessed that, you are right.

Her requests to me were, large and showy.....

That's what stargazer lillies bring......

large and showy.

" Perfect" flower for Carol.

As many of you know, I am always trying to get the photo.......

and I always deliver before the bride has dressed in her gown......

But, how often do I get the perfect shot of a bride

with a tee shirt in gold lettering saying


Just so much fun.......Thanks, Carol!!!
This lush, rich tone of aqua (the bridesmaids dresses)

set a beautiful backdrop for the stargazer lillies.
How about our glass vases filled with aqua water?
Again, these were a perfect match to the dresses.
I would love to have a shot of all 7 bridesmaids next to these vases.
Vases and pedestals were taken by the Water's Edge staff,
and placed behind the sweetheart table.
Aqua was the theme, beachy was too...We created a mantle piece soft and simple with twinkle lights, shells and stargazer....Scaled showy and large.....
Details are so important in weddings these days,
and Carol did a great job,
right down to the candy bar in aqua......
Thank you,
Bakes and Baldwin
wish you great happiness forever with your wonderful groom.

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