Monday, May 2, 2016

Ct. Wedding Florist: Bakes and Baldwin Floral Co. at Madison Beach Hotel

We have access to all things beautiful in the world of flowers........And
Lindsey's wedding bouquet is just that. When asked, Style......"Clean and Modern" she remarked.
 Calla lilies are Lindsey's favorite......

 Showcasing a bouquet to the bride is all about timing. Lindsey's mascara was priority. 

Consider renting our french wire baskets lined with soft green moss. Why not 
"WOW" your guests...

The callas are lit from the inside in these modern centerpieces. The guests are always so intrigued and surpised when the lights are dimmed.  We wish you the best!!!
And as always Thank you, Madison Beach Hotel.......always a pleasure.

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