Friday, July 20, 2012

Madison Beach Hotel, wedding

 How about those all white weddings.....They are back......and talk about that rich feeling of what a wedding is......The tradition of roses in all their beauty along with large crystals. There is not much more to be said.......
I was thrilled to see Lindsey as she turned......Just a classic shot.......imagine her along with her gorgeous bouquet.
St. Johns in Middletown was a church everyone should walk through. We were in amazement. It was old, grand, architecture.....and more beautiful than I have seen in a long time. It is hard to believe that anyone had the vision to create such beauty. The all white arrangements stood out. These were very large altar arrangements. The priest "loved them" asked to use them for the next day services.
Cylinders with white cymbidium orchids underwater brought a modern theme to the reception. Crystal bands at the top along with crystal wire inside the vases brought Lindsey's theme alive.

Madison Beach Hotel dressed up for a wedding. Yay!!

The head table arrangement also fit perfectly in the grand scheme of things. We wrapped satin balls and covered them with crystals .......Great way to showcase crystals in bouquets......
Madison Beach Hotel was a great host......always a "JOY" to work with Elizabeth and the staff.
A big crystal "HUG" to Lindsey and Kevin....."LOVE"

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