Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ct.Wedding Florist: Riverhouse "tasting"

The Riverhouse showcases their "entrees" with a central focused 9' table. This is a wonderful
way to see and make choices for their future guests......And yes, of course, they sample
all food. I have the opportunity to "show" and create a "WOW".  I am always looking
for creative ways, and using a "Wedding" theme differently. 

This centerpiece looks so beautiful as the evening shade draped the ballroom. The calla lillies
are lit with led lights. Guests are always amazed. 

We use tall cylinder often and place floating candles inside. The amber toned water is
perfect for a fall wedding and any combination of flowers at the base look great.

Congratulations to Chris and Natalie.....tying the knot in September.  Chris's father in law to be was content sitting at our table and filled with the wonderful foods   at "The Riverhouse'"   This is a
wonderful evening for all..............

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