Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ct.Wedding florist: Sara's Wedding Flowers at Madison Beach Club

 Sara had a very unique vision. She loves natural........branches, mosses, bark. I love challenges...
Everyone always asks, how did you come to this combination of flowers?  My artistic eye, and libraries of photos in my office helped pinpoint perfectly every flower Sara loved.
The large green flower surprised everyone........Can you believe that is a sunflower without
it's petals.........Look at the textures we created with that flower.........I loved it!!! 
 Madison Beach Club lawn is so intimate......I surprised Sara by taking our pedestals
and covering them with birch branching and mosses.  The glass cylinders gave our design
a modern feel but the 3 arrangements were very natural garden. And our chair makers
fit perfectly.
 Centerpieces were even more fun...........we did a very natural garden bouquet for each table.

Sara's Mom was a joy and I was thrilled to be a part of Sara's vision. I send her off with
such "appreciation" that I could experience parts of their life.  Jordan Catering   it is always
a "pleasure"......a GREAT TEAM  makes for a great wedding... And "thanks" to Marissa,(from Jordan Catering)  she co-ordinated every detail perfectly.

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