Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ct.Wedding Florist: A Perfect Wedding Bouquet

Kristin offered me her vision.....Since she was a child, she designed with her favorite color combinations of cinnamon and purple. Perfect!!!  Details and layering of textures created an amazing combination.

Just wanted to tell you your floral arrangements were breathtaking, just breathtaking, so beautiful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I was curious as to what you might do on Kristin and Daniels table. I had to laugh when I saw what you did with callas, was a wonderful surprise. Everything was beautiful and thoughtful. Kristin's boquet and the bridesmaids were unique as was the tables, and the church piece. Just beautiful!!! Thanks so very much. Linda (mother of the bride)

Cronin Photography wrote: Winding down the wedding season with Kristin & Dan - as taken from The Cure - it's JUST LIKE HEAVEN! and it's on the blog now.

Cheryl Cronin Photography  scroll down to Kristin and Dan on Oct.29, 2010 

   Kristin wrote: Dear Debra,
Words cannot express the depth of our gratitude for making my floral vision and dream come to life.
I can never have imagined such arrangements of beauty could exist, before laying my eyes on them myself.
Your flowers made and defined our day. They spoke loudly to our guests (and anyone whoe sees them) and expresses exactly who Dan and I are. They capture love through beauty, and I cannot express their perfection and the joy your flowers brought us.
 Thank you sincerely and with much love, Kristin and Dan

I wish you such happiness in your future together!!!!
 And I wish we could do it again!!!

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