Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ct. Wedding Florist:Water's Edge, Westbrook, Ct. Arches and Huppahs

There is nothing more beautiful than the expansive ocean vista at "The Water's Edge.
We have two fabulous spaces to work with and endless ideas to create the perfect
signature for each Bride on her most wonderful wedding day.

Loved the flowers in the lawn to enhance the aisle.

The vista, the cobalt blue sky was just perfect.

Just so simple and modern, I can't even imagine how divine the bride and groom looked with this as their backdrop.

We loved the simplicity of this modern huppah. The vista, the cobalt blue sky was just perfect.

We have endless ideas for their gazebo which is set up overlooking the ocean.
We love The Water's Edge. This season we are hanging crystals around the whole perimeter of the gazebo. Looking forward to wonderful new ideas to share with everyone.

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