Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ct.Wedding Florists: Riverhouse at Goodspeed Station: and crystals

We have such a great time concepting ideas for each tasting at the Riverhouse. What can I do to capture a "Wedding" feeling that will
be a showstopper.?......How about crystals hanging from branching along with small
lights entwined so we "feel" the wedding glisten and gleam, even in the evening.
Sounds great to me.....I would have loved to be sitting at this table. Anyone want
to send me glistenlike feedback......I am ready........
I took this on the balcony. Really just shows the scale of the Riverhouse and how
high we can really go to create magic.

We decorated 3 tables.....Why not create a more modern look. Purple and citrus green are "IN"
4 purple glass vases unified by flowers and bear grass swirls......great fun. I hope you enjoyed this too.

And we wanted to show everyone a more natural garden,traditional, soft "Weddinglike" feeling
centerpiece. This is just beautiful and never ages in wedding design.

We will continue to play with ideas and inspire all you wonderful "Brides."
It is always
a thrill to decorate the Riverhouse.
Thanks to Libby, Ivy, and Jim.
We will see you soon.

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Cheryl said...

These look absolutely beautiful!!!